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3 Easy Steps To Renew Your Home

Updated: Dec 9, 2020

Is your room getting boring?

Have you ever walked into your room, looked at those same old walls with those pillows you’ve lived with for years, and somehow felt a sense of boredom? You’ve grown so used to your room that it now feels so dull. If your room now feels so “meh” and stagnant, maybe it’s time for an upgrade to freshen the vibe up.

And I get it, the first things that probably enter your mind when you think of upgrading are “expensive” and “hard”. But what if it doesn’t have to be that way? Upgrading can be as fun as it is easy. And even better, you can plan it out in a way that fits your budget best!

Here are some steps you need to follow through to upgrade your room in a simple yet fun way:

Step 1: Think and Plan

You’ve heard this probably a million times but I’m gonna say it again: Not preparing to plan is planning to fail. Planning is important in any sort of project, especially in home design ones!

Before carrying out the project, you have to decide:

  • Which room you plan to upgrade

  • Which pieces you wish to keep in the room

  • What new things you wish to add

  • How much you plan on spending

  • What style your room will be based on

It’s also ideal to prepare some inspirational pictures so you could have a basis to use when shopping and installing. Go on, open that Pinterest board of yours, and get inspired!

Step 2: Design the Room

Here are some ways that you can use to easily upgrade a boring room:

  • Change your pillows, rugs, and cushions - Brighten your room with some vibrant colored pieces or just add a relaxing vibe instead by choosing soft and serene colors

  • Add decorative shelves or bookshelves - They can add depth to your space and allows your eyes to have so many points to enjoy observing

  • Upgrade your light fixtures - Lighting improves the “feel” of your space and makes it feel more bright and airy

  • Make your windows less boring - Maybe try adding some fun decorative pieces by your windows or invest in beautiful curtains

  • Green finishing touches - And yes, add a touch of nature into your space! Making it feel earthy can give a relaxing and serene atmosphere.

Step 3: Installation

I can say this is the funniest part of the process! This is where your plans finally play out and you get to see all your planning, shopping, and designing pay off.

When installing, it’s important to make sure the measurements of your room are correct and you have all the furniture and decorative pieces ready.

Try to be as creative as possible when installing everything, and remember, there is no right or wrong here, everything is up to you!

Psst! I have a little surprise for you.

Guess what? I have created an amazing Home Design workbook and I hope you’re going to love it as much as I do. The great thing about it is that I have prepared and set out all the planning, all you have to do is find your design style which I will show you how in this workbook. And follow the steps with all my ready-made templates, checklists, and calendars. Your home design experience can be so efficient and hands-on, without it being too overwhelming and time-consuming.

Sounds interesting? Learn more about it here and let’s get creative together!

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