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About Us

Decor Republic provides a bespoke interior design experience! We create unique homes by applying your personality into space, using colors, elements, and decorations to make a space you can call HOME!


No matter if you are a home owner-to-be, home-based entrepreneur, mother-to-be, or want to get rid of those pop star posters you put on walls when you’re 15, we are the place to help you save time and money to make your dream comes true. 

With our service, you’ll receive a hustle-free experience, 1:1 direct contact with the designer, and tailored personal assistant around YOUR schedule.  


Why Us

Experienced residential, commercial and retails design in Hong Kong and Lombok, Indonesia, now expending globally. 

No more pricy consultation, we provide FREE phone call/zoom call consultation. While the traditional interior designer charge you hourly fee and we offer design packages and charge per room to avoid pay every minute pressure. 

All of our design package provides full design documents in softcopy. Even you cannot invite friends and family to come over at the moment, you can still share your new home design plan.


And we promised to work on your design until you fully satisfied. 


Jamie Mak

Interior Designer

Born and raised in Hong Kong in a family full of love and freedom, the walls in my parents' house were my childhood canvas which expands my creativity unboundedly.


Studied stage design at The Hong Kong Academy for Performing Arts for 4 years before working in a design firm in Hong Kong as an Interior Designer. 

Stayed in Indonesia, a place full of sunshine for 2 years to enjoy life... also to experienced hospitality design. The freedom on this island gave her a lot of inspiration for the design projects.


And all she thinks about every day is a nice fresh coconut! 

Jamie Mak