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Top 3 Christmas Themes

It’s the most wonderful time of the year!

Everyone’s favorite season of sweaters, lights, and gifts has come! This is a beautiful time for everyone to come together and celebrate this colorful holiday with loved ones and family. And while everyone you know is coming over soon, it’s time to get festive and creative with the holiday decorations to make your home feel the Christmas vibe coming and let everyone get their merry on!

Here are top 3 Christmas Décor themes we are loving so much, and we know you would to. Try out any of these unique décor ideas from various homes and bring holiday to life in your own home. Prepare your go-to holiday playlist, a Christmas checklist, and your creative mind and let’s begin the holiday cheer!

A White and Cozy Christmas

Simply looking at these pictures give us a Christmas vibe that is cozy and serene. The holidays won’t be complete without Christmas trees and lights, and this style has blended it well with a rustic atmosphere.

The secret to making an elegant and whimsical atmosphere? Fairy lights! Fairy lights are small battery-operated LED lights that can be arranged anywhere and can blend in right away into a tree or garland because of its sleek appearance. Wooden and candle accents add to the room’s cozy vibe, perched right beside a faux fireplace setup. The wooden tree accents and white frames also bring out the rustic atmosphere to a next level, with gift boxes wrapped in brown and neu

tral colors, and a white Christmas stocking to complete the look. In achieving a rustic look like this, focus on earth tones and neutral colors for décor pieces.

A Traditionally Timeless Christmas

For most of you classic lovers out there, what would Christmas be without its vibrant colors: red, green, and yellow? If you are going for a Traditional Christmas theme this year, try making it a classier atmosphere by making a beautiful candle-lit dinner setup like this.

Get this look by going for vibrant red pieces for candles and wine glasses. And nothing says fancy more than a touch of gold, so get those gold-accented plates and cutlery for your setup. To make the setup more festive, drape over a Christmas-themed centerpiece with figs, mistletoes, and pinecones that go well with the atmosphere. You can even get more creative and add bigger and more festive pieces to go with the centerpiece: like a gingerbread house! Try varying the sizes of your red candles, both long and small ones to complement the garland centerpiece. Simply light up those candles as soon as you finish setting it all up and enjoy a classy dinner with family and friends.

A Tropical Christmas

And yes, I’ve got one for those tropical places that don’t get to experience that cozy Christmas. Christmas Pineapples are getting so much attention on the internet today and I don’t blame them! Pineapples are cute and unique alternatives to the traditional Christmas tree where you can get so creative with ornaments and the possibilities are endless! Some people may even choose to paint their pineapples into a different color and proceed to hang ornaments on its leaves.

To get this décor piece, just pick out a pineapple from your local fruit market and buy some cute Christmas ornaments like balls, fairy lights, and so much more you can think of! Make sure to include a string where you can hang the ornaments into the fruit. This piece is so easy to do and much cheaper, plus, it’s so fun to make and you can really have your imagination wander on how you can bring the Christmas vibe into one tropical fruit!

Holidays are the best when you have fun choosing out decorations, gifts, and most especially, when you do it with the people you love. No matter how you choose to decorate your space for the holidays, the most important thing is to celebrate it with family and loved ones to make the experience more memorable and special. Now, time to get festive and get that cheer going for you Christmas decorations!

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