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3 Tips in transforming your kid's room to teen room

Updated: Dec 9, 2020

As time passes, so does our likes and preferences. We grow older and find ourselves wanting different things. That pink unicorn chair could be outgrown by your 5-year old and soon she’ll probably want a deep black gothic chair during her teenage years. That’s the beauty of life, it constantly demands change.

Here are some useful room upgrade tips for you to design your kids’ room in a way that it will be more fun and easy to upgrade throughout the years. And remember something important: make sure to consult your kids about their preferences so you’ll know for sure that they would love their room best.

Invest in neutral décor

Theme rooms are definitely ideal for kids but make sure to invest in neutral décor pieces that would serve as decorative accents. Neutral décor pieces are safe to invest in because through the years they won’t go out of style and they aren’t easy to get bored of.

Make it a fun experience

Who’s more likely to have fun than your kid who owns the room right? Make it a fun experience by consulting your kid regarding his or her likes and preferences. Your kids would want to add their most favourite details into their room so make sure you include them in the decision making process throughout the upgrades.

Save the favourites

Create a checklist on the things you wish to keep after the upgrade. Is it their favourite blanket or their stuffed toys? Work around the things that’s left in the room and integrate with the chosen theme or style in mind.

All in all, change sounds pretty good with some hints of the past. Preferences may change as time passes but they can be worked through with right communication and choosing the right styles.

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