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Welcoming the Fall Season | Autumn-Inspired Decoration

Updated: Dec 9, 2020

Leaves are Falling, Autumn is Calling

It’s finally the season of comfy sweaters, warm drinks, and vibrant auburn colors. As the leaves fall, October brings us the time for pumpkins and leaves. What better way to start our festivities for this month than bringing the Autumn vibe directly into our home? Get a glimpse of these spirited decor fit for this warm season and gain amazing tips in transforming your home into a striking, fall-themed space.

The Autumn Palette

The Autumn palette is composed of vividly beautiful earth tones. Welcome the pop of vibrant colors that bring in the warmth and high spirit of Autumn with deep, full-bodied colors such as Dark Chocolate Brown, Deep Teal, Cinnamon, Rust, and Forest Green. Incorporating the colors of autumn leaves, such as Gold, Burnt Red, Rust, Olive, and Sage, gives out the luxurious beauty that would make decorations in these shades stand out the most and bring out so much positivity into the room. 

Layers and Layers

Dine-in style by creating a captivating table setting with clustered centerpieces. Rather than a single arrangement, group together faux leaves, fruits, and of course, pumpkins! You can then drape over earth-toned tablecloths over the dining table, to complement the striking colors in the arrangement. Choose brightly colored plates like orange and teal, which work well together as a set. To make it more interesting, go for bronze cutlery! The bronze accent gives more depth to the colors present at the setup and gives it a classic feel. 

Classic and Fantastic

If loud colors like orange and red don’t suit your style so much, you can go for the classic white and lighter earth tones that give a sense of serenity and relaxation. Choose table setups that include white and light jade green pumpkins that appeal to a calm vibe. To add, you can opt for white candles and wooden plates that soften the look further and fits the light and gentle aesthetic perfectly. 

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