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Tis’ the Season to be Spooky! | Halloween Decorations that fit Your Style Best

Updated: Dec 9, 2020

Hey! Just 2 days before our favorite day, the time for trick-or-treats and a good spooky setting has finally come! Stay warm and toasty with a touch of scary this Halloween as you transform your home into a dashing spookhouse. Let your imagination run wild with these amazing ideas in celebrating this year’s Halloween! Here's some inspiration I found on Pinterest that might help with your Halloween decoration.

Cute but Spooky!

Going for a sweet yet spooky look? These styles are just the thing for you! Celebrate Halloween festivities in light pastel shades to have a cute and attractive finish. Recreate these looks by having some colorful pastel pumpkins and cute ghost cut-outs in the same shades. To add the scare, opt for adorable skeleton décor and the signature “BOO” for your wall accents.

This is definitely the right style for all those who find delight in cute things and for kids who enjoy just a small touch of the scary and more attractive and adorable details.

Staying Warm and Toasty

Want to stay warm and cozy during Halloween? These comfy ideas are the perfect match for you! While Halloween is about the scares and imaginative festivities, staying warm at home through the cold breeze is also a must! I know you feel cozy just by looking at the pictures!

Nothing says warm more than pumpkins and hot cocoa! Achieve these cozy looks by going for nature accents like leaf wreaths and vines. Choose a warmer palette too like orange and green but if you wish for lighter shades, you can go for more neutral earth tones. Throw in some quilt blankets and pillows to add to the cozy atmosphere. To top all that off, add in some candles to add aroma and warmth into the entire setting.

Spooky in Style

Celebrate Halloween in style by opting for classic and fancy decorations. Go for that elegant look by using vintage, metallic candleholders on your tabletop. Accenting your wall with dried leaves and simple pumpkin decorations adds up to the elegance of the setting. Figs and skeleton décor also add to the classic vibe with lit candles beside these details. To recreate a foggy setting, you can choose to add a cottony texture along with the set-up. Choose fancy utensils to match the entire setup like wine glasses and silver cutlery.

Go all out with the Spook!

Transform your home into the spookiest home there is by going all out with your Halloween décor! Go for darker tones that match the scary vibe of this holiday.

In terms of décor, go for creepy figures like skeleton pieces, skulls, and even dark-toned butterflies. Complete the setup with laced textures in dark colors, preferably black to add to its dark atmosphere. You can also add natural elements like dried leaves and flowers to add a classic touch. And what says spooky more than lowly-lighted atmospheres with candles right? Using candles to solely light up a dark room adds a gloomy vibe to the setting. Make sure to use gothic candleholders if you have access to such to add flavor to its dim atmosphere.

Decorations that are scary for your home, not your wallet

For sure, most of us would want decorations that fit our budget perfectly and not splurge on so much that would come haunting us even after the holiday. Here are some budget-friendly ideas for you to indulge in to celebrate Halloween and make the most of what you have!

DIY decorations are definitely the cheapest choice. You can DIY your decorations by using what you currently have at home and turning them into something creative. Use some spare tape to trace a body on the floor to add a creepy yet creative vibe into the setting. Drawing on details, like toilet paper, with simple spider figures can even spook an unsuspecting victim! The hint in this style is going for the unexpected, and you end up with an enjoyable night with lots of fun stories to share right after!

Make the most of your Halloween with these easy and spooky decor ideas! The most important for this holiday is to have fun in the process, maybe even scare a friend or two, eat as much candy as you want, dress up to become whoever you want to be, and just have the best time with family and friends.


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