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Plastik Kembali | Caring for the Environment in Style

Updated: Dec 9, 2020

Our world is our only home and choosing to be environment-friendly is not only a way of life, but also a big step in making the world a better place. We all know that plastic, particularly single-use ones, are one of the greatest culprits of climate change once they become waste. Often, we tend to overlook what greater possibilities are in store for a single plastic bottle and simply throw it out, adding to the piles of waste in our community. Luckily, Plastik Kembali has found the perfect way in transforming single-use plastic waste into beautiful home décor and pieces. It goes with turning one man’s trash, into another man’s treasure. 

Picture from Plastik Kembali

What is Plastik Kembali?

Based in Selong Belanak, Lombok, Indonesia. Plastik Kembali is a studio, headed by Elissa Gjertson and Daniel Schwizer, that aims to create wonderful home décor pieces like tiles, rugs, and wall art, and other necessities and fashion pieces like bowls, earrings, and bags. All their products are made from single-use plastic waste and some materials like scrap fabric.

Picture from Plastik Kembali

They soon joined the Selong Belanak Community Association (SBCA) after being exposed to much plastic waste in the community with no proper waste management, and helped out with beach cleanups, building Lombok’s first “Goby the Fish” rubbish bin, and many more deeds for the community. Looking at how much waste the community produces, they tried to search for inspiration from others who created new products from recycled plastic like those from, based in Netherlands. Soon, they began their own backyard studio with the desire of making a difference through the power of art.

Handmade with Love

Their products are wonderfully handmade by their talented and dedicated team. With the materials outsourced from locals and a recycling company from Java, they create their products in intricate ways.  The bowls are made by Elissa from recycled Polypropylene in a three-stack Getra oven, while for the tiles, she works together with Daniel in its creation using the injection-molding machine. 

For the earrings, they collaborate with a silversmith based in Kuta, Lombok named Pai. The rest of the products like the rugs, wall art, and bags are weaved by their great team of local ladies and guys, made from recycled plastic bags and scrap fabric.

Picture from Plastik Kembali

Pop of Color

The harmonious colors popping from their decor pieces are greatly energy-inducing and breathes life into a room. Going for a Bohemian vibe, it perfectly blends influences and elements of modern sensibilities with the carefree, relaxed, and eccentric textures. The key in achieving the perfect Boho space is to mix and match.

Explore bolder sides of the color spectrum with its radiant colors and make your space appear vividly vibrant. You can perk up an all-white or plainly colored bedroom with its colorful and geometric wall art. Adding the bright rug adds to a more cohesive look for the floors. 

Sharing its Beauty to the World

Upon their expansion in 2020, they now have a larger goal in bringing their unique, recycled products to various customers ranging from individuals to shops, hotels, and restaurants in the hospitality industry. Not only are they bringing the reality of waste produced in high-tourism areas into a bigger platform, but as well as creating a new solution for managing all the plastic waste produced. 

Currently, they are shipping within Indonesia and internationally, but with a higher pricing considering the effects of COVID-19. They hope to soon share their products to as many people as possible to invite everyone in solving the plastic waste crisis. 

“Most of all, our daily goal is to inspire others with our core message, that it’s time to give single-use plastics a second life, and our planet a second chance.” – Elissa Gjertson

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