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Do you need to hire an Interior Designer?

Updated: Dec 9, 2020

Everyone wants to live in Pinterest Home

Everyone wants a home where they can feel most comfortable and be their best selves. We also can’t deny the fact that we would want our homes to be as picture-perfect as those interior pics that can be found on Pinterest. There’s something about an aesthetically pleasing interior that lightens the ambiance and makes it a place for peace not only for you but even for the people who come visit.

Mount Pavilia - Cleaer Water Bay, Hong Kong

And we get it, hiring an Interior designer can be pricey. And while we would dream of getting that perfect space, it’s understandable to want to spend less, especially for those just starting out. So here’s the greatest question: Should you hire an interior designer?

Why do you want to hire an Interior Designer?

First off, let’s first narrow down what made you have the idea of hiring an Interior Designer! It could be any of these lines:

I want to hire an Interior Designer because…

• I don’t know my style

• I know what I like but don’t know where to start

•I have no time a bit overwhelming

• I want to make my home perfect that all of my guests will have a good time here

If you said yes to any of the lines above, let’s talk about how you can find the perfect Interior Designer. Finding the right interior designer is like finding the right massage therapist. There are key factors to consider:

Their Style

Check if you like the techniques and the skills they have to incorporate in their work.

The Chemistry

Pop on a call and see if there’s any chemistry between the both of you. Do you think they’ll be able to solve your problem or are they just showing off their works?

The Budget

Most importantly, do their packages fit your style and budget for this?

It's like how a massage therapist can perfectly locate your pain points and focus on massaging them, and if they are able to do that, you know they are the right one for you. Similarly, when you can see how a designer can find the solutions to fix the problems you have and they can provide the best one possible, then they are the interior designer that will suit you best.

Still not sure whether to hire one or not? We’ve narrowed down some pros and cons for you!

Hire designer pros

• Helps you get the most out of your budget, especially in furnishing

• Single point person: One person to entrust and contact

• Helps you get the most out of your space

• You get to see how it looks like upon completion

• Will provide well-calculated and quality craftsmanship

Hire designer cons

• Can be pricey

• Many of the designers charge hourly, end up might spend more money on the whole process.

• There might be something you really like and want, but your designer tells you it’s not a good idea.

Have you decided that hiring one isn’t for you?

It’s only fine if you decide not to hire an Interior Designer. Here are some things to consider:

You don’t need an interior designer if you…

• Have an eye for Trendy interior styles

• Are willing to do hands-on work like installing, purchasing, etc.

• Are an organized person

Either which way you go, I've got solutions for you

So, have you come to a conclusion? If you’ve decided to do it yourself, I fully support you! But if you are also interested in some guidance from a professional, I am happy to have a chat with you!

But here’s an even greater offer:

If you’ve decided to DIY, but need some guidance and professional advice from an Interior Designer, then this workbook is perfect for you! Your Home, Your Way is designed perfectly for those who would want to DIY their own home but need some guidance with most of the basics in designing like choosing an interior design style, a color palette, furniture, and so much more!

This workbook is for you if you:

- Want to design a space that suits you best

- Are not sure if you need an interior designer for your home

- Want to create your dream home by yourself but you’re not sure where to start

- Want to learn more about Home Décor

Then Your Home, Your Way is perfect for you! Sounds interesting? Check it out right now!

Your Home Your Way DIY e-workbook

Whether you hire an interior designer or not, the most important thing is finding the style that you love best and being able to be comfortable in your home. Your home is your safe space, a place where you can be yourself and bond with the people you love, so whatever your choice is, choose the choice that makes you feel the happiest with your space!


Finding the right interior designer is like finding the right massage therapist.

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