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CEO Desk! | Transform your Home Office into a Stylishly Productive Space

Updated: Dec 9, 2020

Having trouble staying productive throughout the day? Maybe it’s time for some Home Office design upgrades! Interior Design does not only rely on style and design to make a space productive but also on practicality and efficiency. These two are what is needed in making your home office a place where you can accomplish the most tasks and stay motivated! Here're some ideas of how to upgrade your HOME OFFICE:)

What's on your desk

Your desk should be organized and clutter-free. To keep track of your tasks, add a planner, calendar, and a handy-dandy memo pad. Adding pen and file holders on your desk keep it neat and organized. If you have more files to store, it is always good to have a file/document organizer or two to keep your documents safe and make sure that they will not be crumpled or lost. Cup holders are also a must in a home office desk. Coffee is the number friend when getting work done but you wouldn’t want any spillage accidents on your papers any time soon. A good cup holder will keep your cup in place and won’t let the moisture from your cup seep into your desk.

My work desk :)

Organize is the key to success

Not sure about you, maybe you are an artist, but most people not prefer working in a messy environment. Storage is definitely top tier in making your Home Office productive and clutter-free! When your space is more organized, you get to finish more tasks and not feel so distracted with so much piling up on your desk. Choose appealing file organizers, baskets, and paper trays for a more productive day. A divider by your desk can also give you more space to place your storage boxes into without it looking messy and distracting

The Right Seat

Comfort is a must when you want to start a productive day. Your seat must be comfortable enough that you won’t feel any sort of back pain or have the urge to lay in bed, thus, causing you to get behind your tasks. Choosing the right chair is important. Your home office chair must be an adjustable and wheeled base to make sure that you can move efficiently in it. Choose also colors that you are sure you’ll never get bored of so you know that you’ll stay comfy and motivated.

Bring some lives and creative elements: Plants and Decoration

Adding decorations such as plants and other decorative accents give life to your office and makes it less dull from all the paperwork and documents. Putting plants give a touch of the outdoors, making your space exciting and refreshing. You’d eventually feel bored sitting all day in a space that is lifeless with no form of art or nature, so adding these things will hype your energy up and give you the refreshing mood to have a refreshing day.

Who can motivate you to work hard: Add personal items

Make your desk personal and heartfelt by adding pictures of your family and friends, and souvenirs from your trip or vacations. These items are made to inspire you to keep going and work harder for the people you love and to get to travel to more places. Adding items like these also adds a personal touch to your workspace where you’ll feel more comfortable and at ease.

Rest your eyes with a view

Who does not want to work in front of a beautiful view right? Having an appealing atmosphere influences our mood by making us feel more relaxed and refreshed for the rest of the day. One great secret? Let more natural light in to make the ambiance of your home office brighter and fresher. Taking a break with a cup of coffee in your hand against the sunlight sounds so relaxing. Even better, natural morning vitamins from early morning sunlight have a good effect on your skin, so it’s a plus on your health!

Suggestions: Don’t Overdo the Design

Your home office is a space for productivity and creativity, but adding too many details with various concepts and colors can end up distracting you. When choosing the color of your walls, go for neutral tones like white or beige that are light on the eyes and give off a relaxing atmosphere even as you get work done. To add some life, try adding small accents with bold colors in the form of art, plants, furniture or if you are going for a more serene look, go for minimal décor pieces instead.

Here's my dream office concept board, how would your dream office be like? Send me a message and tell me your ideas:)

Here's some home office inspiration:

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