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We provide hassle-free full interior design service, we will handle the project from consultation until handover day, you just need to sit back and relax, and wait for your dream place to come true.



Hiring a designer not only helps you with the color matching and placing furniture but also all those details drawings to avoid fewer mistakes during contraction.


From understanding your desires and needs to creating the design drawings for you to foresee the results, then making the details drawing for example lighting & electricity plans, furniture drawings, ceiling & wall plans and more... all these steps are helping a lot for the building stage. 


So don't skip this part, you will end up wasting more time and money on your renovation otherwise.

We provide design &  build services, our contractor partners are well-experienced and able to execute our design, so don't thank me yet after you are excited about the design drawings, wait until you see the results! 


Our building services are included: 

- Demolishment

- Rebuild walls and partitions

- Lighting and electricity relocation 

- Water points relocation

- Custom-made furniture

- Ceiling and Walls decoration & Paints

- Equipment installation

and more...

So you see we basically cover everything, all you need to do is have a chat with us and then sit back & relax. 




In our initial meeting, we will get to know each other and get the list of your needs and requirements. 

Then we will talk about the style and design, to make sure we are on the same page, a mood board will be sent to you after the meeting for review. 



After the confirmation, we'll start the design process, building up the design 3d model base on the layout plan we discussed.

We provide photorealistic rendering drawings for you to have a deeper understanding of the space spectacle in real life, also the color and materials used in the space.  



If your project required, this part is important before the construction start.

What we provide:

  • Custom-made furniture elevation

  • Lighting & Electricity plan

  • Floor covering plan

  • Ceiling plan

  • Other details drawing 



Oversee the building quality in every aspect, monitoring construction progress according to the timeline.


We also offer furniture shopping and styling service, All you need to do is sit back and relax, and wait for the dream to come true!