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Wanna be your own interior designer?

Best DIY Home Design Workbook (for homeowners) To Create Your Dream Home By Yourself! Even You Have 0 Experience!

Interior Design

You want to design a space that suits you best.

You Are not sure if you need an interior designer for your home

You want to create your dream home by yourself but not sure where to start

You want to Learn more about Home Design

Which Color Should I Use for my window curtain?

Should I choose a round or square rug for living room?

Shoot! the cushion covers I've chosen not matching the sofa!!!

You have the passion!
You have the ideas!
You just need a direction for you to go-ahead 

Is that you?
Are you ready to implement,
and create your
dream home today? 



your home design Toolkit showing you the exact steps designer used to design a client's home...

What you'll learn

How to design your home

Interior Design Style

You'll be able to discover what Interior Design Style fits you best upon reading the Workbook. Get inspiration by taking a style quiz we create for you.



No more tacky furniture that don't fit your style, you'll find out which furniture to get according to your measurements and style!



In a hassle-free way and with easy-to-understand information, you'll find out which colors look good together and how you can create the perfect color palette for your space.



Become knowledgeable in measuring your room without needing an expert, just a few guidelines and tips from this workbook. 



You'll also be able to save so much by learning how to set the perfect budget for furniture. You'll become an expert at getting the furniture you want best at a price that suits you.


Install all the furniture and décor together like a pro after learning all the necessary info found in this very book.


I went through the workbook and was amazed at how detailed yet attainable the steps were. I'm not a designer and lack confidence in this area, but the workbook made me feel like a pro in choosing the design of my home. So many things I've never thought of before, such as how color affects mood, numbers of colors per room, styles and that you can mix styles. I recommend this book for anyone looking to redesign their space and have it be a reflection of them. Especially appropriate for someone without a design background - this book makes it approachable!"

Janet Adams

I was ready to start making my space look nicer, but I had NO IDEA where to start. Jamie's guide was such a great starting point. It helped me to understand what is going on in the styles that I like, and how I can recreate them myself. It also gave me the language to be able to explain what I'm looking for when shopping or working with a designer. I feel ready now to start creating a place that feels all my own. Thank you Jamie!

Eimear O'Neill

Ceramic Products

You need experiences to be an interior designer,

But you just need passion to be your own home interior designer!

Designing can be an interesting and fun hobby,

but when you don't know what you're doing,

it just keeps wasting time and money over and over again...

Home Interior

That being says

You will able to...

Know About Your Style

What sofa should I get? Which coffee table would look good? Designing your home without a central theme in mind can get so hard, and even messy! I will guide you through determining which style suit you best and helps you choose design pieces better.

Start Designing

After knowing your style, you have a clearer head about the mood the color you would like your space to be. Now it's time to put them together and design your dream home by creating your unique color palette. When means no more no sleeping nights thinking about what color to use for the pillow covers or the window curtains!  

Do the Measurements

Designing is fun but there are so much more details to run through, and this workbook will easily turn you into someone who not only knows which colors to choose but how they all work out exactly and how to do the measure so the furniture can fit perfectly in the space within your budget.


Design your home in the most convenient way possible! I'll show you some do's and don'ts so you will be able to make space look more completed. This e-workbook also included a bonus - Wall Arrangement Guidebook showing you how to do wall arrangements so you will never be confused about how to put those decorations on the walls.

Are you ready to implement,

and create your

dream home today? 

How to design your home

Gabrielle Awiten

As a home design enthusiast and with not much experience with interior designing, I am definitely in love with the usefulness of the workbook! It’s so easy to follow through plus the graphics are so beautiful and calming to look at. I also love how handy the printable part is and can also serve as a guide in designing.

How to design your home

Janet Adams

I honestly believe it’s extremely useful. Especially for somebody like me who does not have any design experience or confidence. There were so many steps in there that helps you lead to your final style but I would have never thought of going through.

How to design your home

Charlyn Mondejar

I love your workbook! It's like an interior design bible already. Everything a non-designer needs to start her journey on decorating her space. It feels so chic and personal. I think the way it's written and made is well-thought of. Some topics that helped me are the 60-30-10 rule! very helpful. The additional pdf links are amazing especially the wall arrangement pdf is something I really need because my walls are plain.

More people say about the workbook




customer result!!! before & After







A walkthrough in planning and designing your own home

that fits your personality and lifestyle best.


Your Home Your Way.png

Step by step workbook

Step by step workbook shows you details of each step for you to follow

Cover (4).png

Easy design tools tutorials

How to use design tools to help you get result quicker and more effective

Cover (3).png

printable worksheets

Daily & Monthly calendars to make your project plan more organized

Step by step e-workbook

How to design your home

Knowing Your Style

Choosing Color Palette

Measure your space

do the layout

Setting Budget for furniture

Getting furniture


Secret tips from designer

easy Design tools tutorials

How to design your home

How to create a layout floorplan

How to create a color palette

how to create a moodboard

How to make a design using design app

How to use a scheduling app to plan your home project 

printable worksheets

How to design your home

Weekly calendar

Monthly calendar

Background of design

choosing color palette

Room measurements

What stays?

Furniture $ decoration checklist

Step by Step design checklist

tons of values isn't it

That's All?

Glad you ask, surely not!

To make your dream home more completed, 

if You get the e-workbook today, I will give your extra bonuss

Bonus 1

How to design your home

Color Guidebook (Valued $30)

Through this color scheme guidebook, you will never need to be headache about which color to use in your space. You will able to do the color combination and choose the color for each item easily using the method from this guidebook.

Bonus 3

How to design your home

10% on 1 Hour Design Consultation 

When you just need a little advice before you go ahead with the full design service, our Design Consultation will be perfect for you. The consultation will be held on a zoom video call, aimed at a home tour. In this call, we will maximize our time to get all of your questions answered.

Bonus 2

How to design your home

Wall Arrangement Guidebook ​(Valued $30)​

Ever standing in front of a blank wall in your home thinking should add something there but not sure what are they? Use this Wall Arrangement Guidebook to help you get the ideas and will know how to arrange the painting or family picture frames on the walls.

Bonus 4

How to design your home

5% on eDesign Service 
eDesign Service 

We provide Online Interior Design Service as well. This service included consultation, design development, detailed drawings, and 3D rendering drawing, so you have all the design Done-For-You. Check out our website to learn more about how we work! Visit website

Total valued over $347,

get it today for only...$37

The Workbook is impressive, it explains a lot of the answers to my confusions when choosing colors to design my room. I like the cool colors though, so I need my walls to something like a blue or white trim. 

Jerahm Bolotaolo

How to design your home

7-day money-back guarantee

I want to take away all of your concerns regarding the risk, so, if you buy this e-workbook today, you are 100% covered by our 7-day money-back guarantee.

So if you think this workbook is not for you, just simply send us an email and let us know, and we'll refund you in full. So you have nothing to lose at all! But believe me, you're gonna love it! I put my heart into creating this workbook and everyone just loves it!

I am an action taker, I will get it today and start creating my dream home!

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