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Boho Style Bedroom

Design Process

This is how we create your dream space...

" There are two things that make a room timeless:

a sense of history and a piece of the future."

- Charlotte Moss

DP Stage 1
On a Video Call

Stage 1:

Design Consultation

In this stage, we get to know each other and give us a bigger picture of the idea of your project and also your lifestyle, so we can provide the results that you are happy with.

In this call, we will talk about the details of your project, your budget, and the approximate ideal timeline.

Fill in the preferences form, we will elaborate on the ideal plan for you. If you have any questions, please send us a message!

Stage 2:

Design Development

Great! We're so excited to start this project with you! Now we know exactly what you want and we will process and give you more ideas on how is the design be like..

City Point Construction Drawing-page-009

Stage 3:

Details Drawings

After you're happy with the design and confirmed, we can start making the magic happens and bring the design into reality. But first, we need to communicate with the construction team, which we use detailed drawings. (aka construction drawings)

Stage 4:

Material & Furniture Selection

Now we got the space set up. While waiting for the construction to be done, it's time to add some colors and decorative items to complete the space by choosing the right furniture and decorations. Depends on the location, we also help to handle the ordering and shipping.

Interior Designer
DP Stage 2
DP Stage 3
DP Stge 4
DP Stage 5
Renovating a House

Stage 5:

Oversee Progress

Oh my god... the dream is coming true soon! We oversee the project and follow up with the progress, making sure everything is in control and will get the results we are both happy with!