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The Bedroom That Makes You Wake Up Happily

I design places where people can live happily, taking much into consideration the great impact of space and color in our mood and not just our senses. First of all, you have to sleep well at night to wake up smiling. I think no more than ever in the history of mankind do we understand the great importance of a good night's sleep?

Why The Right Lighting Is Important

Sleep is no longer a waste of time. It's scientifically proven to be vital to our health and well-being and it all starts with a great bedroom. Here's what you need to get a good night's sleep! Any designer will tell you that lighting is such an important part of any successful interior but where most lighting schemes are meant to give you a variety of lighting levels your bedroom should be an oasis for the darkness that's not to say you need to eliminate all lighting but you need the right kind of lighting and you need to control your lighting daylight emitting light bulbs are super popular these days because they recreate natural daylight.

However natural daylight has a lot of blue light in it and that's precisely the kind of light that disrupts our sleeping patterns because it keeps us from producing melatonin. Melatonin is our sleep-inducing hormone so changing out the light bulbs in our bedroom lighting to a softer glow like these from lighting science are a great choice to soften the lighting in your bedroom before and after your restful sleep, most scientists agree that digital screens can also affect the production of melatonin and they should also be kept out of your bedroom so put your phone to rest in the room next door and finally controlling the artificial lights from the city outside your window is also key having proper blackout blinds and drapery to ensure a completely dark room is super important for your best to sleep.

Color For Your Room

Your bedroom should be the most calming room in your home that means no vibrant colors. Our brain needs to rest and restful colors start to signal to your brain that is time to shut off. So think pale colors like beige pale blue pale green and pale gray these colors are scientifically proven to help you shut off for the night and according to FengShui experts” The wall opposite your bed is the most important wall in your home as you see it before you go to bed and after you wake up”. So it should be calming and organized speaking of organized. You know that saying a tidy desk means a tidy mind; this is extremely helpful when you think about your home office or your desk at work. Also check out this article about Bring the natural into indoor by using Earth Tone Color

Who Wants To Stay In A Clutter Room

It will make you much more productive if things are organized and clutter-free. but this is also true for a productive night's sleep making sure that your bedroom has a place for all your stuff; is important organizing your wardrobe in your closet, keeping dirty clothes in a hamper, having the right storage for your ties, and accessories all of this makes for a calming effect; when you walk into your bedroom. Once you have the perfect bedroom set for a great night's sleep, you can focus on getting the perfect mattress, the best sheets and duvet, and that all-important lavender oil diffuser.

You’ll be snoozing in no time, so here's your take away your bedroom is your oasis for sleep. Make deliberate decisions on lighting paint color and storage to effectively create the most calming and soothing environment in your home, your brain, and your body will thank you for it.

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